Create Custom Gift & Loyalty Cards

For Your Business

Reward your customers and keep them coming back. By offering an incentive to the customer to come back multiple times, your business increases sales, builds customer preference and loyalty, and differentiates you from your competitors.

What is Loyalty?

Loyalty is a card program that helps you increase customer spending and repeat visits while accumulating valuable customer information that you can use to market to your customers.

What are Loyalty Programs?

Many small to mid-size businesses use paper punched loyalty cards to encourage their customers to come back to their store by offering a free item after a certain number of purchases. This added-value service differentiates you from your competitors and provides another earning opportunity for you.

Give Your Customers Another Way to Pay
and Come Back for More

When your business is partnered with 3 Cord Solutions for payment processing, you not only get reliable credit card processing solutions, you also have the option of creating custom gift cards.

  • Email

    Email your business logo or high-quality photo to us and our gift card team will design your eye-catching custom gift cards
  • Load

    Load any amount of money onto gift cards to sell to customers, right from select 3 Cord Solutions payment hardware
  • Check

    Seamlessly accept gift card payments and check customer balances
  • Gift

    We have special incentives to get you started. Contact us for the details today!